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of circular section form in lost wax casting, the drum is ornamented with 12 frogs stacked in threes located at four equidistant points on the outer edge of the tympanum wherein the bottom frogs straddle the two outer bands. The center of the tympanum is decorated with a crisp 12 pointed relief “star-of-foam”, the star points touch the first set of triple ridges resembling ripples that delineate concentrically the 16 die cast decorated bands in a variety of foliate, floral and geometric motifs, ending with one raised ridge and a braided edge. The sides of the drum are similarly decorated and fitted with double strap handles on opposing sides, used to suspend the drum when struck, four relief “seams” equidistant from the placement of the frogs. Under one handle along the seam is three dimensional procession lead down the side of the drum by a large elephant followed by two smaller ones and a trail of three snails


18th - 19th Century


Overall diameter: 26” x 19 1/2” high

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