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of 3/4 rectangular section high relief molded form, the oversized face with large almond-shaped eyes, prominent nose, lips pressed together, a long beard and a stylized tripartite wig arching over the forehead and tucked behind prominent ears; the whole retaining traces of archeological patination and now mounted on bronze finished wood plinth

New Kingdom - 1550-1070 BCE 

Overall dimensions on plinth: 5 1/2” deep x 11 1/2” wide x 20” high

A known as a “slipper coffin”, first popular in Palestine, Egyptians adopted them as a fashion for thier own burials. They are called this because, apart from the lid, they were made in one piece and the mummy slid into them rather like a foot into a slipper.  The lid then closed the gap to fully seal the coffin.    A similar example can be found in the Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery and the Brooklyn Museum


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