Philip Stites MADE

The memory of a place. The anchor of the room. Designed and handcrafted to matchless detail for you As couture is to fashion, Philip Stites MADE is to furniture. We have studied antiques & 20th century furniture and objet d'art for a combined over 120 years.

Our lineage in antique acquisitions and custom production are noteworthy. From the bones, to the skin, to the final finishes, each piece comes alive through the masterful hands of our Los Angeles-based team of master craftsmen with whom we have worked for decades.

The process is guided by the thoughtful project managers whose patience and delivery to contentment are unparalleled.

Be it one of our fully customizable designs or something replicated from memory, like specialty doors from a remote village in Southern Italy, we invite you to begin the process to draw your imagination into reality with our PS Made lead, Patricia Sims.

Whether it is a 17th-century style walnut chair finished in chrome, a piece you’ve dreamt of or visited long ago on a voyage, or the duet piece to complete an antique set, we will craft it into reality with unparalleled precision.