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the obverse with three female figures in chitons, the upper left semi nude figure holding a situla in her right hand and a phiale in her left, the upper right figure facing right holding a tambourine and a phiale in her left hand and a fan in her right, the lower figure facing right holding a situla in her left hand making an offering at an alter; the reverse with seated female figure wearing a himation holding a phiale and a tambourine facing standing similarly draped female figure; the whole on vitruvian scroll band with fluted shoulders and neck, the sides with scrolling palmettes; the decoration is enriched with added white and yellow (those colors were added by the painter after the firing of the vase therefore they often

disappeared with time)

IV Century B.C.

Overall dimensions:  8 ½” x 27 ½” high

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Provenance:  English Collection


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